We Don’t do Cutesy…Usually

At GadgetHeat we like to think of ourselves as amongst the most manly of men (some of us even have beards..) but on occasion, we let our softer side out – just for a split second mind – and so we bring you the Hi-Kara from Tomy, a cube shaped Karaoke system. If even comes in pink and white (our favourite colors) and measures 70mm x 70mm x 70mm, has 2.4-inch LCD screen and displays lyrics and happy fun animations (everybody say ahh).

The Hi-Kara Karaoke machine by Tomy claims to be the worlds smallest karaoke machine, perfect for Hen nights we would imagine and for preteen Japanese girls perhaps…? Tunes can be downloaded from the Hi-Kara website onto a catridge and the headset microphone can be used by two people at the same time so plenty of duets can be murdered sung.

What are you waiting for? You can get your hands on one from our Japanese friends.



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