[Eye] Spy Candy

Spy gadgets, we love ’em (as do teenage boys ^^) and the more crafty the better. Crafty, however is not what we would use to describe the Hard-Wear Jacket by Paul Coudamy. Yes it has a spy camera but the chances of you spying anything without your glaringly conspicuous orange-patched jacket being spotted first, is unsurprisingly small.

Paul Coudamy’s Hard-Wear spy jacket hold a spy camera in the collar of the garment so you can view who is lumbering up behind you. A display in the sleeve lets you see what the spy camera is recording (so you can see the guy lumbering up behind you). Of course, you will be so preoccupied looking at your nifty screen in your flash jacket that you wont notice the guy lumbering up in front of you about to steal your jacket



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