BankQuest – Money Saving RPG? It’s Not What You Think


Crazy Japanese Gadgets

Money is tight these days and everybody is out to save every penny they can get their hands on so this next gadget by Takara Tomy looks perfect for the current climate. The Takara Tomy RPG Piggy BankBankQuest arrives courtesy of our Japanese friends (they come up with some great stuff don’t they?).

The more you save, the further in the BankQuest game you get. Level up by depositing a quarter, defeat an ogre by saving a dollar, the possibilities are only limited by your cash flow. No doubt this will help the spend-thrift kiddies to put away a few coins for their next gadget (so you don’t have to) and you can pick  a Takara Tomy BankQuest piggy bankJapanese Import – from August

Takara Tomy BankQuest


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