Free Android Matchmaking App

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Are you stuck trying dating app after dating app, trying to find a meaningful connection? You’re not alone. Millions of people access their favorite dating app multiple times a day, hoping that they find something new that will spark an interest. Rather than cycling through countless apps, why not try something new and exciting? Maybe it’s time you gave Spritzr a try.

What Makes A Matchmaking App Different?

Spritzr is a matchmaking app. It allows single people to use the app to help identify potential dates and friends, just like most other dating apps. What makes Spritzr unique is the fact that it doubles as a matchmaker app. Yep, you heard right. It puts the power of Cupid at your fingertips. If you have friends who are looking to spice up their dating routine, then you can make suggestions through the matchmaker app and help them take a closer look at people they may prematurely place in the dreaded “friends zone”.

How Much Does Spritzr Cost?


Spritzr is free, which is great news because a lot of apps are charging people these days. If they do not charge you to download the app, you have to pay a monthly subscription to use “all of the features”. Spritzr likes to keep it simple, which is how it should be.

Will Spritzr Invade My Social Media Accounts?

While Spritzr is a free android matchmaking app that uses your social media outlets and circles to help find and promote matches, it will never invade your personal space. This means it will not post anything to any of your accounts, will not promote itself in any way or act without your consent. The more you play matchmaker the more karma points you get. You can share and compare your karma points with your friends and see who the real love doctor is.

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