Four Steps to Change Your E-Cig Liquid

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For many people who make the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping pens, the most attractive thing is the option to change the flavour of your E liquid. Let’s face it; having the ability to swap from strawberry to coffee-flavoured liquid is much more appealing than being stuck with the standard taste of tobacco!

In this article, we’ve shared the steps you should take when changing e juice flavours, as well as why you should take extra care when changing liquids:

What kinds of vape flavours can I get?

If you’re considering shifting from tobacco to e-cigarettes, one of the biggest benefits of vaping

is that you’ve got the option to change flavours as and when you wish. Plus, there’s the obvious benefit of it being much healthier than traditional smoking, in terms of chemicals inhaled.

There is a huge range of e-liquid flavours that you can choose from; everything from strawberry and green tea to chocolate or coffee!

How to change e cig liquids

In order to effectively change the flavour of your e-cig and taste the new flavour properly, you will need to clean different parts of your pen. Follow this step-by-step guide to change your liquid properly:

Clean and empty the tank

The tank of your e-cigarette is the storage compartment for your liquid. This area should be cleaned every time you wish to change flavour as residue from previous liquids can collect and alter the taste. Bacteria can also build up within the tank if it’s not cleaned thoroughly.

For a full guide on how to clean the tank of your e-cigarette, you may need to refer to your manufacturer’s handbook.

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Clean the ecig mouthpiece

As part of your cleaning process, you should clean the mouthpiece of your ecig as this will help to remove the taste of any flavour that was being used previously.

To do this, remove the mouth piece from your vape pen and soak it in cold water for a few minutes. Allow it to dry fully before re-inserting into the e-cigarette.

Replace your coil

Although this is part of the general maintenance you should replace the coil at least once a month or when switching flavours.

If you leave the coil and vape heavily, the flavours you insert may taste strange or burnt. This can affect the quality of your new liquid.

While there is no universal method for coil changing, you may want to research the vaping pen that you have in order to determine the best method.

Insert and enjoy your new E liquid!

As soon as your vape pen is cleaned and ready to use, it’s time to insert your new E liquid! You can drip your new vape flavour into the pen slowly and allow it time to seep properly.

Throughout this process, you should avoid dripping liquid into the centre post of your e-cig as this can damage the pen.

If you’d like some assistance on changing e liquid flavours or you’d like to learn more about how e cigs work, we’d advise that you contact a specialist e cig shop online today.

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