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Facebook is taking over the world and it was just five the other day so what better way to indicate how hip, trendy and generally a self-absorbed dude than with these Facebook Status Update T-Shirts courtesy of the Facebook Status King application.

The Status King app lets you broadcast to world (or, more realistically, anyone within line of site of your chest), what you were doing last time you updated your Facebook status and how long ago that was.

You can even place your Facebook profile picture on the T-shirt so that everyone knows it is really your Status update you are wearing around and not that of a more interesting person than you (who is probably too busy bungee jumping to make a Facebook Status Update T-Shirt telling the world about it).


  1. Lol, cant wait to see one of these on the streets. I wonder if they’d censor explicit messages.

  2. Yeah they do. I’m sure there will some good ones out there in a heartbeat. let us know if you spot anyone and take a pic, we’ll update the post 😉

  3. Thanks for the post! you can find a couple of composite photos of the t-shirts on our Status King info page. You should also know you can access the app without adding it at

    Thanks again,

    Jeff Harmon

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