Sony Ericsson C903 Cybershot Handset » In Love With Flickr



Sony Ericsson’s new Cybershot, the C903 was designed to take Flickr as a friend and be its best buddy. It also has the latest must-have functionality- Geotagging which is like the new IM. Every phone has it but hardly any cellphone users uses it (unless its switched on auto-magically when you take a picture).

With a 5-megapixel camera complete with face detection, the Sony Ericsson C903 Cybershot takes it camera functionality seriously enough for you to dispense with your regular point and shoot.

Add to that bundled software that allows you to upload straight to Flickr, a Shuttersmile feature that automatically takes the picture when the subject smile and the BestPic function (that we’ve also seen on the Samsung Memoir

BTW) and with the Sony Ericsson C903 Cybershot you have a more than half-decent camera. Wait, it’s a phone……

The Sony Ericsson C903 Cybershot is expected to stores in Q3 2009.





  1. I just discovered that Sony Ericsson are giving away C903 Cyber-shot phones on Facebook!!

    All you have to do is become a fan of “Sony Ericsson Cybershot” fanpage and then enter a competition they are running!!


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