Sony’s New Piece of Shit Gadget

We’re in a video blogging kind of mood today so when we came across Onion News new spoof broadcast on Sony’s New Piece of Shit Gadget, we just had to bring it to you. The skit is funny because of how close to the truth it is.

How many times a year do we get blasted with adverts about SONY’s (or whoever’s) latest gizmo, convinced it will make out lives better only to have it on the back shelf eight months later covered in dust. Why? Because the marketing hype and gloss only lasts until you get it home and realise, of its 101 functions, you really only need two or three at the most.

Wathc the video below for full details on Sony’s New Piece of Shit Gadget

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work


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