Essential Business Apps for Growing Enterprises

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Gone are the days when mails and print were essential for business growth. These days, hardly will you find a business whose functionality isn’t dependent on one technology and digital marketing or the other.

Good business apps that increase the organization and productivity of entrepreneurs have become the order of the day. Entrepreneurs are oftentimes always on the go and regardless of that, they still need to maintain communication with their team members and keep track of ongoing tasks. As such, having useful mobile apps that will help you stay connected, productive and organized is very essential.

Apps are no longer just for gaming and social media, they are now something that freelancers, side-hustlers and small business owners depend on. If you are yet to join the crew whose life has become so much easier with these essential business apps, you should do so immediately. Granted, we could not include every useful business app, or this article will become more like a book. Some honorable mentions include:
  • TurboTax – An app that makes tax filing incredibly easy for freelancers.
  • Expensify – An app that simplifies the tracking of both business and personal expenses.
  • MindMeister – A mind-mapping app that allows you to visualize and explore thoughts and ideas.
Here’s a list of the best business apps that will make a huge difference in your workflow:

1. Slack

For ease of communication between you and your team member, you should get Slack already. It is a free messaging app that’s perfect for teams, work flows seamlessly on Slack. You can share pdfs, documents, spreadsheets, documents and the like conveniently on Slack. Also, you can create channels for different members or topics by simply dragging and dropping. It allows you to host video calls without you having to leave the app. Keeping track of all files and conversations is extremely easy as they are altogether in one place and always available wherever you go. One of the reasons Slack is so popular is due to the fact that integrates directly with a very large number of apps, including Google Drive, Salesforce, Trello, Dropbox, Asana and Concur.


This is an ideal app that every businessman running a wholesale and trading enterprise must have. EMERGE App is a complete software with features that helps make your entire operation easier from online and offline multichannel sales to inventory purchasing, product, basic accounting management and raw materials.  The growth of your business is highly dependent on two factors: costs and profits. When you allow EMERGE App manage your inventory, you will enjoy minimal costs and increase in profits. The app comes packed with essential tools like automatic calculation of costs, FIFO inventory valuation and sophisticated price lists. Its user-friendly features that’s easy to master gives it a strong competitive edge.

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an affordable accounting software that provides you with a user-friendly accounting solution. It helps you manage your business effectively and gives you an overall overview of your company’s financial health. There’s so much you can do with this app: track your business’ expenses and sales, track unpaid invoices, pay your vendors and employees, view financial statements like loss and profit reports and so much more.

You can connect to myriad of accounts with QuickBooks, including PayPal, your business bank accounts, Square and credit cards. In addition to that, it makes it easier for you to do your business taxes as it allows you upload photos of receipts and track your expenses.

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4. Trello

To experience a more organized business, you should get Trello. With this user-friendly project management app, you can track your team’s workflow. It is the go-to app for non-project managers who are unfamiliar with Gantt charts or project management vocabulary. You can create cards for various tasks or assignments on Trello board. To make the cards very descriptive, you can add attachments, members, checklists, comments, stickers, due dates and labels.

Each of your team member will get a notification on their mobile devices immediately you change a card.  Users can also comment on current projects, assign tasks to themselves, upload videos and photos and attach relevant files from Dropbox or Google Drive. 

5. CamScanner

This is a super simple free app that’s priceless to contractors, freelancers and SMB owners. With your android camera, you can easily scan documents using CamScanner. After scanning, you can choose to save those documents as email and Pdfs or directly download them from the app. You might find it a bit difficult to get used to the interface of this app but considering the fact that it’s a free scanning app, it’s the first in its class.

6. My Minutes

The owners of budding enterprises need to be more focused and less distracted for their companies to have a good shot at success. You should download My Minutes if you discover that you find it difficult to stay focused on what matters most and are wasting precious time on social media. This app helps you have a better concentration by setting goals for you. 

7. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most business-friendly apps that helps you stay digitally organized. It is a cloud-based notebook where you can organize all your ideas, notes, memos, to-do lists, invoices, bills and even receipts across all the devices you own. Evernote is a tool that small business will find very useful as it lets you stay organized, brainstorm with colleagues and share your personal agendas.

8. Square

This payment app is perfect for businesses like retail shops, food trucks, retail shops and other tiny businesses. Users of this free app get a small, portable credit card reader once they download and sign up. When you plug this card reader to your mobile device, you can easily make fast and convenient payments. Compared to its counterparts, Square is easy to use and its flat-rate pricing makes it a perfect choice for small businesses.

This list is by no means exhaustive but the above listed are some of the best essential business apps that business owners will find indispensable once they start using them. Feel free to pick and download anyone you feel will be the perfect solution for your business needs.

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