D-Link DCS-1130 WiFi Monitoring Camera



D-Link DCS-1130 WiFi monitoring camera can be used for all sorts of things and we’re sure tat top of your list is watching out for home intruders whilst your away from your abode. Second on lists is probably something you wouldn’t mention in polite conversation….

The DCS-1130 allows you to view shenanigans from anywhere you care to log-on to as it streams its content direct to the web. You can even have it stream direct to a 3G phone if you have the correct set-up. With 16x digital zoom, it won’t be as grainy as some other webcams but don’t expect crystal clear pictures either.

The D-Link DCS-1130 WiFi Monitoring Camera will be available come the end of the month but the price for this new home invasion device? Not known as yet but what price can you put on being able to spy on all areas of you home wirelessly? All areas of your home, hmm……


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