Asus Eee Keyboard

Asus eee-keyboard

Asus eee-keyboard

The Asus Eee Keyboard is awesome. It comprises of wireless HDMI (wireless HDMI folks, you heard it here first) and an inbuilt secondary touch screen.

The Asus Eee Keyboard is in actual fact a PC. Confused? Don’t be. The keyboard packs an array of ports allowing it to connect to any existing display or television and function as a fully fledged PC. It comes with inbuilt RAM and processor wrapped in a full QWERTY keyboard.

You may think we are being unusually vague and you would be right. The Eee Keyboard is only a concept at the moment but with Asus’s track record, we’re pretty sure that the Asus Eee Keyboard will be on the market sometime in 2009. Hook yourself up to the grapevine to get more news when we get it…

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