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Custom Scrabble Keyboard



The Custom Scrabble Keyboard brings back memories of playing the game as a child, with parents hoping against hope that they may have produced a genius. Several four-letter words later, this hope is mercilessly dashed as they view the idiot before them struggling to cope with getting above a 4 point score.

If you are less emotional scarred by the game then us, then the Custom Scrabble Keyboard does have a whole heap of cool points to offer. The keyboard keys are made from actual Scrabble pieces with the point scores altered to reflect keyboard functions where required.

Made from wood and brushed aluminium, the Custom Scrabble Keyboard goes nicely with Macs and PCs alike with USB connectivity and in all other respects, operates as a fully functioning keyboard. The is a home-made mod job so don’t expect it to hit the shelves any time soon but with a classy idea like this, some enterprising manufacturer may just see the niche in the custom keybaord

market to make a quick buck…..


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