Myka Torrent-Box



The Myka Torrent-Box is finally about to be unleashed on the world. After months of speculating by the international ‘we ain’t paying for it’ community, the Myka Torrent-Box should be with us in the next few months as it starts shipping this summer.

The Myka Torrent-Box hooks up to your internet, PC and TV and downloads torrents

to playback on the attached television. With storage capacity between 60 and 500GB depending on you Bit Torrent needs, you can access the Myka from anywhere with an internet connection allowing you access to you downloaded files world wide. Pretty neat.

The Myka Torrent-Box is available for a price range of $299 to $459 depending on capacity and by all the hype and press it’s getting, we’re thinking that this may be a massive hit.

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