Viliv X70 Atom Communication MID



As if there weren’t enough hand-held computing devices in the world (and there aren’t), we have news of the new Viliv X70 Atom Communication MID. This is a mini-computer that looks sexier than many others we’ve seen and has the muscle under the hood to make it a winner in ’09.

The Viliv X70 Atom Communication MID packs an appealing choice between 8GB/16GB SSD or a 30GB / 60GB HDD. With an 1.33GHz Atom Z520 CPU and a sleek 7-inch WSVGA touch-screen you can get hours of fun (six, to be precise) on this baby.

Other goodies include 1GB of Ram, Windows XP or Linux OS and a host of connectivity options including USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD / SDHC card slot and an optional WiMAX

/ HSDPA module. With various options when it comes to configuration, the Viliv X70 Atom Communication MID will no doubt have an array of pricing when it is released.

We would like to give you the data of release but Viliv have declined to supply one, keep hooked up to the grape vine

and you will be the first to know once they get their act together…


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