ASUS F50 and F70 Notebooks



The new ASUS F50 and F70 Notebooks are exceptional only because of the size of the standard storage spaces, upwards (yes, upwards) of 1 TB each. That’s a lot of space for, er, work and stuff…

Both models have been designed for personal entertainment and with 1080p HD panels and HD audio, you are going to be entertained. The ASUS F50 notebook features an integrated graphics solution (we hate it when press releases use terms like ‘solution’) that gives the impression that the model comes with a dedicated graphics card (it does not).

The A70 and the A50 Notebooks both have a 16:9 Full High Definition display, HDMI ports for connecting external output devices and a d ‘Chocolate’ keyboard which is defined by concave keys that fit the contours of the users’ fingers.

Now, were all for creative speech but it annoys us when they try to convince us that it looks like anything apart from a laptop. That’s what it is, that’s what it looks like. Comparing it to the Northern Lights (look it up people) is taking the piss.

The ASUS F50 and ASUS F70 Notebooks will be out {blank} and will cost {blank}. That’s right, with all their flowery speech the ASUS

markeing men deemed us barely literate mortals too feeble to grasp the concept of price and release date so have left it out of the press release. Bravo.




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