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Collectors Edition Space Invaders Watch



We featured a cool looking space invaders clock

a few weeks back and we have come across an even cooler, limited edition collectors Space Invaders watch from Japan.

The 500 run limited edition Space Invaders watch is available in stainless steel with a red LED display telling the time as well as Invaders and Spaceships across the screen when you press a button. Unfortunately the game isn’t playable so you will just have to make do with the look and the sound effects for your cool points.

From the pictures it looks like it could be hard to actually tell the time but when you’re wearing a Collectors Edition Space Invaders Watch, who cares about the time?

As there are only 500 of these available, you better get your finger out if you want one and bring ¥18,690 ($207) with you to seal the deal. Available (for now) at ebten






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