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BlackBerry and iPod Cakes



Geeks have to eat too and the BlackBerry and iPod Cakes look like they’re just the sort of thing Bill an Steve would eat (if you don’t know who Bill or Steve are, these cakes are not for you).

Cooked by baker extraordinaire, Debbie does cakes, the techie cakes come in all shapes and sizes from the mentioned BlackBerry Curve cake, iPod Nano cakes to the Technics Turntable cake. Hope you’re not hungry as it takes two weeks to get your cake ready to eat.

Only available in San Francisco so the rest of us will have to do with Krispy Kremes (those are almost too good to be legal). The BlackBerry and iPod Cakes won’t set you back as much as the real things, but expect to pay a premium to eat this good.







  1. that cake is good looking how old will that be

  2. I want this cake ssssooooo bad 4 my b-day.

    Where can I get it?


    P.S. B sure 2 visit my website at


  3. #OhMyGeek Tortas de Cumple para geek via

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