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Canon PowerShot E1 – Girls Point Of View


Now we try our best not to be sexist here (and believe me we try real hard) but the Canon PowerShot E1 had us chuckling in our boots. WTF? Just because a digital camera

is pink it’s for women? How do you make a camera especially for women? We can’t get our heads around this one Canon.

With colors like Vanilla White, Pink Cotton and Aqua Blue we see that Canon really thought about what was important to a woman when it came to the Canon PowerShot E1, the color of the damn thing….They may as well stuck Hello Kitty or Barbie on it.

As digital cameras go (and regardless of target demographoic) the specs on the Canon PowerShot E1 are reasonably impressive. 10 mega-pixel lens, 80 to 1600 ISO Range with a 3200 “Boost Mode” and a 4x Optical Zoom. Not bad…for a girl….

If you want a man’s digital camera you should check out the Canon G9 PowerShot

. Available in any color as long as it’s black…..







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