BlueAnt Wireless V1 – 100% HandsFree

The BlueAnt Wireless V1 claims to be the first and so far only, completely hands free Bluetooth headset on the market. No more fiddling with buttons to get others to hear you. Now you can safely ‘ignore’, ‘answer’ and ‘redial’ simply by using the voice commands even in your actual cell phone handset does not have a built in voice feature.

At $130 a pop the BlueAnt Wireless V1 headset isn’t on the cheap side as Bluetooth hands-free kits go but with functionality like this (assuming it all works as it should) the BlueAnt Wireless V1 looks pretty good.

Available now the BlueAnt Wireless V1 headset probably won’t be the only 100% hands-free Bluetooth device out there in the coming six months but if it gets it right, it will the fore-runner for a long while yet…



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