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Bubblehead Webcam Now Available For Purchase

If you have been reading this blog for a while (and if you haven’t you better catch up

!) you’ll know that I have a love/hate relationship with concept gadgets. The Bubblehead Webcam by Eric Zhang is one concept that has put an end to my moaning by finally becoming a reality.

This quirky little fella was touted around as a concept in May of 2007 and although the Bubblehead Webcam garnered a lot of interest, nothing more was heard..until now that is. The Bubblehead Webcam will be available to buy sometime in the coming months for around $50 (£24.99) from


The camera by Eric Zhang is billed as a “Poseable personable webcam” and can be posed in a number of position and even has grippable ‘hands’ so that you can have it standing around holding things like pencils and, er, other stuff. The web camera looks like a mini-me and although it will only be available in green and pink initially, GadgetHeat

is sure that some artful types out there will soon have their Bubblehead Webcam’s looking more like the Superman design and others shown in the concept drawings.

Not to mention the built in microphone and 1.3 megapixel camera making it reasonable alternative to other webcams such as the ANEO ANWC0804

, R2 D2 webcam

(one of my favourites) or the logitech quickcam pro for notebooks


You can purchase the Bubblehead Webcam at


bubble head webcam

bubble head webcam



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