Return Of Radio Raheem – MP3 Boombox Speakers

I love retro gadgets that combine the old and new school and this MP3 Boombox speaker does just that. GadgetHeat

was but a twinkle in my eye when I watched Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing but the image of Radio Raheem carrying around his boombox like a life-support machine was forever embedded in my mind (however, the price of a Sountina NSA-PF1 speaker

is closer making you need a life support machine when you see the price tag than any other speaker we’ve reviewed so far).

With the onset of MP3’s and the demise of cassettes (and the dishing out of ASBOS ^^) boomboxes have been a thing of the distant 80’s for a while now.

looks set to change all that with the release of their MP3 Boombox this August. There is also the Spirit of St. Louis boombox

which we came accross a while back.

The design of the boombox is deliciously retro (all over-sized-knobs and big square cassette player buttons) but unfortunately it’s all filler and no thriller as the only usable parts are the jack to connect your MP3 device and the speakers themselves which are hidden behind a black grid.

You can pick up an MP3 Boombox for around £8.99 ($17 USD at time of writing) this August from





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