Truckers Start Your Engines – 12v In-car Microwave

We’ve all been there, on a journey and can’t afford to stop for love nor money but hungry as hell with only a cold sandwich for company. Well fret no more as it looks like those days are a thing of the past with the release of the 12v in-car microwave Maplin is currently serving up.

Plug it in via your cigarette lighter socket and viola, hot food on the go. This must be a truck drivers dream on those long cold journeys up the freeway. The 12v in-car microwave must break at least on health and safety law somewhere but as long as no-one calls the highway patrol and reports you for eating hot casserole on the go, you just might be OK.

You can also hook the 12v in-car microwave up to your car battery if you really need to but exchanging the juice in a car battery for a hot pasty seems a little steep to me…..You can get your hands on one one these from Maplin

for about $180 ($89.99).




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