Boost Your Business’ Online Presence For 2017

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In order to boost your business ‘ online presence for 2017, your internet business marketing campaign must strategically work towards expanding your online reach. Accomplishing this is much more complex than placing advertisements in various places all over the web. In the new age of advance technology and connectivity, increasing your presence involves targeting the customers by identifying their online activities and integrating your brand by making it highly relevant to their everyday lives.


  1. Integrate Social Media With an Interactive Blog

If your business does not have a professional blog, your internet business is missing out on a significant amount of traffic and consumer engagement opportunities. Not only is it important to maintain an updated blog, but is equally important to connect the blog to all of your social media profiles. The purpose of the blog is to entertain while your social media profiles allow you to engage with your customers and improve your image. By integrating the two together, you create the basis of a powerful online marketing campaign in which each component complements the others.

There are various social media and WordPress plugins that simplify and automate the shareability and optimization of your marketing efforts. In order to effectively boost your online presence, these plugins can attractively link the platforms together, encourage readers of the blogs to share your content, expand your brand identity across all of the platforms, and automatically post your content for you on a systematic schedule.

  1. Create Interesting Online Content That Goes Viral

One way to create viral content is to position yourself as an authority in the sector of your business. This can be accomplished by either creating instructional videos that viewers would find useful or by creating educational courses that could teach people how to do something. Udemy is a popular platform where experts in various fields offer comprehensive, university-level educational courses that covers an unlimited number of subjects. The author of the course is immediately regarded as an expert in their field- they would have to be in order to have the competence to teach the subject effectively. You may want to consider using coupons and promo codes to get a discount on your chosen course.

If your business is in the real estate sector, You could create a course that teaches people how to invest in properties or how to upgrade an outdated kitchen. Regardless of the topic you cover, as long as you are covering a topic that is related to the industry of your internet business, and the information delivers on its’ promise with quality information, then offering instructional courses is an excellent way to boost your online presence while positioning your business as a leader and an expert in your field.

  1. Boost The Customer’s Experience

At the end of the day, your internet business exists because of the customers. Since your products and services are designed with the consumer in mind, shouldn’t your marketing efforts focus on the same thing? People do business with whom they like and feel comfortable with, but online, the website that offers the most valuable experiences are those that dominate the market in their sectors. It is not enough to just give the consumers what they came for, but give them reasons to return at a later date. Once you have captivated the customer’s patronage, getting them to engage with you online, share your content on social media, and thereby boosting your online presence for you, you will find that key to attracting new customers is pleasing the ones you already have.

Regardless of whether you offer, polls or quizzes, videos or even contests for drawings, the key is consistency. Online marketing can have multiple implications for your internet business, but without effectively implementing the strategies that increases consumers’ exposure to your brand, it will be difficult to attract more consumers and educate them about your services and products. By integrating platforms, delivering sharable content and establishing your brand as the authoritative figure in your industry, you will not only boost your online presence, but secure a sizable market share in your business niche.

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