Several Advises for Men How to Make the Dating Profile

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If you decided to find a woman in dating site in the Internet, you have to build an attractive profile about yourself. It is quite natural to know as much as possible about a person you are going to meet with. Your profile is your visit card. It is important to add to your profile good pictures of you. Woman look at the face first and the eyes. Smiling face is attractive, it’s natural. Then, the pictures should have good background. For instance, you are in the nature, in the interesting places. Obviously, women are going to ask you where is it. Offering half naked pictures is not recommended, even if you have a body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some men are so awkward that they are cutting off their images from the group photos where another woman was by their side. Don’t do it! It is not decent and makes a bad impression for a woman who read your profile and have to get a personal opinion about you. Interesting description of what kind of person you are and whom you are looking for should not be long. Some men think it is better to give about themselves as much of bio information as possible. They intend to clarify everything about their health, habits and fairs in the descriptions to avoid further problems, but they are wrong here. All details can be discussed later, in chats or in letters.  Long descriptions with warnings and useless details are boring. Be sure, nobody will read your long story about yourself. Be positive and sincere in your descriptions.

Usually men pay little attention to their profiles and therefore they have little feed backs from women. A woman visits your dating profile for a little time and she wants to understand whether you are worth her attention. If you want to find successfully and quickly your soul mate, you have to know how to present yourself the best way. Men think it is rather embarrassing to make efforts to build a good profile, but nothing happens automatically.

Not all of us can write like Ernest Hemingway, but anyway try to write shortly without useless repetitions of the same words and expressions. Two paragraphs of information about yourself are more than enough. It is completely clear why you here, so no need to be so trivial to write something like that: “I am looking for love” or “If you like me, I will be glad to meet you”. Again and again, be positive and do not use negative expressions. Nobody wants to know what you hate and what you dislike. Focus on the things you like, what makes you happy and inspire you.


Always show respect the person who will read your dating profile. At the same time, put a kind of zest in our profile. A brief joke or a fun word will not be useless, because the sense of humor is to be appreciated. If you have nothing new to tell her, she will hardly get in touch with you.

Many men address their words to all women. It looks like that: “Hey, girls, I am her! Get in touch with me right now!” Instinctively, every woman wants a special personal attention, she wants to be unique. Not one of the group of your female funs. Having an image of the woman you want to find, try to be more personal, interesting and inviting for her. Questions are important too, because it is a hint for the following dialogue.

Yes, women want to know who you are in both social and financial senses. But it does not mean you have write about your financial status in your profile. Only one sentence about your job and your business would be more than enough. Of cause, a woman must be sure you are an independent man who will be able to provide for your future family. On the other side, the stress on your wealthy status may attract the wrong type of women who are only chasing for men’s money.

When you write about yourself, try to be realistic, don’t undervalue yourself and don’t brag your achievements. If you are very successful and very intelligent, you will be able to prove it during your further conversations. So, it is better mention several the most significant data of your life. The long list of your numerous virtues and hobbies is for nothing.


You have to understand what kind of woman you are looking for. Setting requirements and limitations towards the women is wrong way to attract someone. It is sufficient to mention three or four the most important qualities you would like to see in your soul mate.

Your descriptions in your dating profile should be written correctly and formally, by simple words, understood for non-native English speakers. Poor grammar and mistakes in the dating profile

will spoil your image. In addition, most likely, women will not be impressed by the negligence in selecting words and the surplus emotionality in your descriptions.

Be successful in your endeavors to become happier.

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