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Bluetooth Boombench – Boombox Seating



The Bluetooth Boombench is one cool piece of exterior furniture by one of Germans upcoming designers, Michael Schoner of NL Architects. The Boombench interacts with Bluetooth enabled phones to play music via its embedded speakers. This sounds like a great idea but if Boombenches started springing up all over the place, imagine the increase in teen yobs hanging out in parks…

Along with the two subwoofers and the 60-watt co-axial speakers, the Boombench also has a Bass Shaker in the seats which converts the sounds into vibrations, giving you a true party in the park experience.

The only drawback that we see is who gets to control the Boombench playlist? If I’m passing by the bench and fancy blasting some tunes, and another chap passes by who wants to play his tunes, what’s the etiquette? Does the Boombench just connect to the first available Bluetooth device or do we have to duke it out? It’s cool and all but at least having you own personal boombox

means that you always get to choose the tunes….


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