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The ever growing market for streaming set-top boxes

today has another contender, the Neuros Link which looks aimed squarely at the Apple TV market (which isn’t exactly huge). The Neuros Link streams video from an array on online services and sources as well as being able to locally stream content, audio and video, from any available USB hard drive.

Operated by open source software as per Neuros’s modus operandi, the Link can be tweaked by the more tech-savvy but its basic offering is good enough not to require any hefty modification. The unified interface presented by the Neuros.TV as well as the wide support for a whole range of codec’s via preloaded the mPlayer and VLC player, means that the Neuros Link is one of the most user friendly set-top boxes currently available.

At $299, which includes a wireless keyboard, the price tag is not too steep ($249 without keyboard) but the Neuros Link is still slightly pricier than Apple TV which has an included hard drive and of course, iTunes access. Still, we all love a trier….


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