Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition – Too Awesome




has been tempted to do a review of the Nokia n96 but we would have to fork out our own hard earned cash to get one as Nokia has overlooked us yet again when it comes to providing a hands on review. However, the release of the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition is making our short arms inch ever closer to our deep pockets….

Some people, usually dead, just become too cool for school and anything with their name or likeness sells like hot cakes. Bruce Lee, being one of those aforementioned people we’re sure that the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition will be up on eBay for twice it’s market value by christmas. It even comes with a bundled Bruce Lee doll for all you hard men to play with ^^.

Unfortunately for us, it is only available in Hong Kong but we’re sure an enterprising technophile will manage to wing it over the ocean to these shores….

Check the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition promo below of Bruce Lee playing Ping-Pong with Nun-Chucks.


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