The best time of the year to go on a tour is in the summer―during the month of August. During summer, schools go on break, children are back home, and the busy hassle of everyday life reduces to the barest minimum. This is the best time to plan a tour with your family to Europe.  

Oftentimes, many people don’t plan their summer holiday tour in advance. They realize conditions are favourable and then hurriedly decide to go for a tour. To make the most of your August holiday tour, you need to take time to think, reflect and plan. And this simple guide will show you how to do just that.

  • Choose your tourist destination

This is where it all starts. You have to choose your preferred destination in Europe: Italy, Morocco and Mexico are the premium tourist destinations. With Italy, you get to enjoy breathtaking archaeological hubs; Morocco is a great place for mountain and desert tour experience while Mexico is great to have a feel of Caribean seashores, tropical forests and the best European beaches.

  • Research the tourist destination

After you decide where to go, you have to research the tourist destination. Your clothing will be dependent on the climate. For summer, you can expect temperatures between 28-32 degrees: consider packing lightweight clothing and plenty of sun cream. If you have not been to Europe before, you might want to learn about the culture, traditions and systems of operation in Mexico, Italy and Morocco. 

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  • Figure out and plan your budget 

Once you know the places to visit, the hotels to stay and the number of days to spend on the tour, you can then plan your budget. You can engage the service of tour planning agencies to budget for the trip. Key expenses will be transport, hotel, luxurious indulgence and other trivial things. The budget will vary base on the number of days and what you intend to do, but you can plan around  €50-130 for each day for Rome and between (£80 – £100) for Cancún.

  • Book your hotel and transport in advance

It is very important that you book your hotel and transport in advance to avoid any issue. There are 5-star hotels with first-class services in Italy, Mexico and Morocco. Prices vary according to the type of hotel and the services offered. Try to look out for what the hotel offers and then decide whether to book or not. Some of the best hotels are the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya (Cancún), Source Hotel ( Marrakech), Leon’s Place Hotel (Rome). You should also book a ride from a reputable car company to take care of all your tourist adventures. 

  • Enjoy your trip and start the tour 

There is a lot to consider when you go on a tour. Are you on the tour for fun, relaxation, inspiration, business or education? Consider using a tourist guide or an advisor so that you can learn more about historic sites and archaeological destinations, instead of just looking at the natural scenery. Observe exciting areas as you move along. Safety is key! Keep watch when on the seashore, the mountainside, or even the public park. Follow instructions and obey the rules of every tourist sites. 

  • Don’t forget to take pictures 

You might want to take a note pad and camera. If you have a smartphone with a better camera, you can also use it. You have to keep wonderful memories of your tour so that you can use them for reflection and also share with family and friends. Consider writing a journal about the tour: what you learnt, what you enjoy and what you like about the tour, what you wish to improve and even when you plan on taking the next tour in Europe again. 

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