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2eleven Table-Soccer Foosball Table



The 2eleven Table-Soccer Foosball Table is definitely one for the futuristic types amongst us. For get rickety wooden and plastic mannequins on a wooden table, the 2eleven Table-Soccer Foosball Table comes with four LCD screens and an automatic ball lift.

Two of the LCD displays are for keeping score and the other two are for advertisement. That’s right folks; the 2eleven Table-Soccer Foosball Table has sponsorship potential. Cup holders and a sleek, oh-so-modern design makes this a foosball table for those who take the sport seriously.

We have seen a few prettier table-soccer tables

, but none so corporate minded. The advertising space means that makers 2eleven are probably thinking about getting paid on the backend which isn’t a bad business strategy.

No word on price but we’re guessing the 2eleven Table-Soccer Foosball Table will range from expensive to ‘I’ll stick to ESPN’.



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  1. Very futuristic, this will surely be sold out easily as it attracts both young and old’s taste of foosball. Way to go!

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