Meizu-M8 Available



Well, not quite worldwide but the Meizu-M8 handset will be available in mainland China come March so we can expect to see a version of it shortly after that (assuming of course, that Apple haven’t won their worldwide IP battle).

The Meizu-M8 phone has been inspired by the iPhone (a little too much Apple think) but with some neat extra features (which Apple is a little jealous of we think). Working copy and paste, Outlook synchronisation and background tasks to name but a few of the tweaks that the Meizu-M8 handset has to trump the iPhone

with. Add to that the very pretty, slick exterior and a HD 720 x 480 pixel display and Apple must be royally pissed that when it comes to copyright, the Chinese speak no English.

No word on whether or not it will ever escape the confines of China but if the Meizu-M8 phone finds it way to our shores at some point in the future, you’ll hear it hear first.


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