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Now, I admit you can get some cool stuff off Etsy, but we were taken aback when we came across this wireless Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick, offered for sale by etsy user Mekishiko916.

First off, who makes a home-made wireless controller? What is this? Makezine? Secondly, it looks about as big as the xBox 360 itself (hard to tell as the pictures are in isolation). In any case, the Wireless Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick definitely has a home-made look about it (we guess that’s the point) but, if it works, then Mekishiko916 and his buyers will (as he proudly claims), have the only wireless arcade stick on the market.

Specs include:

-One Wireless Xbox 360 Arcade Joystick
-VERY STURDY Professional quality All Aluminum Construction
-4x Rubber feet so it doesn’t slide around
-Arcade Quality HAPP Competition Joystick (Black)
-Arcade Quality HAPP Buttons A/B/X/Y/RB/LB (All Black)
-Small Push button for Start/Menu/Wireless Synch to XBOX360
-Integrated 3600MAH NIMH Rechargable Battery (With externally accessible Charging Port)
-USB Charging Cable
-Graphic under Protective Plexiglass

Each hole is cut to the exact specification of the Street Fighter IV arcade machine and the button layout has also been placed to match the original Street Fighter IV arcade machine so if your big on authenticity (and every button being just so), then this is for you.

The wireless xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick

can be yours for $220 plus shipping. As each is hand-made and there’s only two in stock, better get your order in quick. If you prefer a more official version of the Street Fighter IV, check out the Tournament Edition Arcade Stick for SF IV




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