Where to Use Plenum Cables

Where to Use Plenum CablesWhere to Use Plenum CablesPlenum cables have a special purpose and function. The most common place to find plenum cables installed is in commercial spaces that are governed by fire codes. While building code requirements can vary depending on where you build, all codes will require the use of plenum cables for all plenum (fire risk) areas as dictated by the National Fire Protection Association. Learn more about plenum cables and when to use this type of unique cable.

Understanding Plenum Cables

Plenum cable is a special type of cable that has been specifically designed to be flame retardant. Each cable has an inner insulator made out of Teflon and an outer jacket that is certified as flame resistant. While plenum cables are vulnerable to damage from fire, they will be slower to burn, are more resistant to smoke and will release fewer toxins into the air than their traditional counterparts. Plenum cables have passed a rigorous testing protocol and will always be labelled as such so they are easy to identify.

Choosing Plenum Cables

Plenum cables are most commonly found in commercial buildings in areas that offer extra ventilation in case of fire. Areas where there is a raised ceiling or a dropped floor typically require plenum cable. As well, all government buildings, hospitals, schools, universities and similar institutions will have plenum cable installed to meet fire safety building code requirements.

Other Plenum Cable Features

Today’s plenum cables are just as sophisticated as any other type of cabling. One popular newer type is the plenum hdmi

cable, which offers high speed data transmission and image resolution, support for 3D-enabled data, high definition audio and video output and more. Businesses who want to be able to offer presentations and trainings in high definition can now do so with the new generation of plenum cables.

Shopping for Plenum Cables

Because plenum cables are a requirement for many commercial spaces, it is easy to find a wide selection online or in local stores. Always check to be sure the cable is certified as plenum grade, and if you want other functions such as 3D or HDMI data transmission check to be sure the cable offers that as well. Finally, review what other customers have said before you select the brand of plenum cable you purchase.

By understanding how, when and where to use plenum cables you will get the most for your money from these unique cables.

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