Painless Database Migration

agenda analysis business plan 990818

agenda analysis business plan 990818

Migrating a database is a major task (and pain in the behind, just ask any database admin) and unless your a bona-fide expert, the pitfalls are many and plentiful. Luckily the guys at DB Best are bona-fide experts in this area and since 2002, have been turning their considerable skills to getting clients data from database A to database B as painlessly as possible.

Painless Database Migration

Best Kept Secrets

If you are not aware how these things go, you may be surprised to learn that big fish like Microsoft, Google and Apple to name but a few, have a habit of buying up the technology of smaller companies with technical expertise in a given area and re-branding their products as their own.

People in know tend to go direct to these smaller specialist companies who have built the technology from the ground up when they want unparalleled and undiluted expertise in completing a given task.

DB Best

Such is the case with DB Best whose own Database Migration Suite was acquired back in 2005 by Microsoft and became the basis of Microsoft’s SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) tool-set. They have considerable experience in the database arena and have continued to work with Microsoft in developing the product as well as continuing work on their own in-house set of tools.

Apart from these more than respectable credentials, DB Best have managed and assisted in numerous Database Migration projects involving Oracle, Sybase ASE, Sybase ASA, DB2, DB2 UDB, MySQL, Informix, Access applications and databases to SQL Server 2005/2008.

They offer a range a service from a complete Database Migration Service to consultation and even Porting software products to support SQL Server.

Should You Go Or Should You Stay?

If your business is not sure which direction to go in regards to whether or not to port your existing database over to a new platform, then check this out, Guide to Oracle Consulting Companies. DB Best can create a complete ROI assessment which will detail accurate costs/return on undertaking such a project and whether it would be the right choice for your particular business model. If that’s not a relief from a major technological headache then I don’t know what is!

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