What to look for in a Golf Rangefinder

golf sunset sport golfer

golf sunset sport golfer

Golf rangefinders are one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the sporting industry.

They are great when playing relaxing games of golf at your favourite course, but also when you add a hint of serious competition to the sport among fellow golfers.

Able to locate the distance of where you are in comparison to your target and able to calculate the distance you should aim in order to avoid obstacles, rangefinders are incredible little gadgets.

They come in rich variety, though, and that’s why we’ve created this guide on what to look for in a golf rangefinder.

  1. The maximum distance range

One of the best things about golf is its versatility, and that’s why people travel here, there and everywhere

to play the game.

When looking for a golf rangefinder, though, it’s important to ensure that the maximum distance range is significant enough to keep you going through the most varying of courses.

The best ones out there are those with a 1-1,500 yard range, though they are generally pricier than those with lower ranges. Since the purpose of a rangefinder is the range, we’d recommend investing in this feature especially.

  1. A rain mode

All golfers know that golf can be played in rain or shine, and all equipment should preferably be rain proof. An important feature to look out for with golf rangefinders is a built-in rain mode.

The gadget will take note of a soggy fairway, calculating all possibilities involving it.

As well as this, choosing a rangefinder with a rain mode setting means it’s built for rain. And that’s great for when you want to protect the tech from the elements. It’s certainly worth bearing it in mind for future purchases.

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  1. Good reviews

When it comes to what to look for in a golf rangefinder, it has to be the reviews. There is nothing more telling than a plethora of poor customer reviews on a product, so make sure you have a read of them and base your decisions on what other people are saying about them too.

The other way to ensure you’re purchasing a quality product is to buy from big brand names that are reputable.

For example, Nikon and Bushnell are two of the best names in golf rangefinders. Ensure you buy from established bands such as these with good customer reviews to avoid disappointment.

  1. Quality features

One good way of assessing whether or not you’ve got a quality rangefinder on your hands is by assessing whether or not it includes some of the best features necessary for success.

As your rangefinder will be used during the day, it’s important that you choose one with LED light display, which provides effective functioning in daylight hours. They might also include additional bonuses such as GPS

and camera technology, which are really great when establishing the yardage between you and your target. After all, the better your rangefinder, the more accurate your shot.

  1. Vertical or horizontal locators

Most rangefinders will use either vertical or horizontal locators to establish yardage measurements. Horizontal locators are generally better for longer distances, but not a necessity. If you have to pick one, pick horizontal.

However, bear in mind that some golf rangefinders can use both vertical and horizontal locators, and if you can purchase one using both, that’s even better. It’s all about the opportunities provided by your rangefinders, so ensure that you do shop around here and there to get the best quality for you and your game in the end.

We hope this helped with your golf rangefinder shopping experience. Happy golfing!

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