What Are the Worst Android Apps for Battery Use?

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Managing battery life on our cell phones is one of the biggest challenges we face.  Portable chargers were created to help deal with the problem while you can now get a variety of ways to boost the battery.  But one of the single biggest drains on any cell phone battery is the apps installed on the phone.  So, which Android apps are the biggest battery guzzlers?


Oddly for an app that says everything is deleted once it is sent, Snapchat is one of the top battery using apps on Android phones.  If left unchecked, it can not only use most of your battery life but is also a big internal memory consumer.  You can go into your battery settings to see the amount of power it uses and also watch the mobile data that the app consumes.


This one is a less of a surprise – if you are watching a TV show or a movie, then the app is going to use a lot of power.  You might want to consider turning down the brightness on the phone if you are in a dark room while watching the app and this can help offset the battery use.

Amazon Shopping

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Shopping apps aren’t normally the biggest battery users but there are two reasons why this app seems to use more than its fair share of battery life.  Firstly, it is an app that operates in the background and unless you turn off this setting, it can decrease battery length.  Secondly it isn’t designed specifically for Android so this means it isn’t the most efficient app.


If you use Outlook to monitor your emails, then this can use a significant amount of battery as it constantly updates your inbox.  However, you can use the built-in Android email app to check your messages and avoid using the specific app.

Making the most of your battery

If you are having problems keeping a charge, read the ultimate cell phone battery buying guide and you can find tips about what might be affecting your battery or whether it is simply a problem with the cell phone that you have.

Also, regularly check the battery usage on your phone to spot apps that are using more battery and see if you can turn off their facility to operate in the background.  After all, when you open an app, it automatically updates so the facility to do so when you aren’t using the device can often be of limited use anyway.

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