Watch where you’re going mate…TomTom One GB

If you need to get from A to B in the UK and need a straight forward, no gimmicks, no fuss sat nav GPS to help you out then the TomTom One Great Britain GPS is a best buy. If you like your high-tech gizmos to have all the bells and whistles then you would be better off looking elsewhere (perhaps at the Knight Rider GPS

by Mio ^^).


The TomTom One Great Britain GPS is one of the more affordable satellite navigation systems on the market and for what you get for your money it’s a decent investment. What you have to bear in mind is that it is a slimmed down sat nav with no blue tooth capability, no SD slot and only 512MB of internal memory. Unless you’re on a budget that doesn’t sound too good.


On the plus side side it’s cheaper than your average GPS and you still get the usual TomTom GPS features such as changing colours when night falls, storing your home and most recent addresses, and also a strong satellite signal so you shouldn’t have any problems getting a signal in your car. Plus it’s a TomTom, if anything goes wrong you know you can get decent customer service, parts etc.

One of the best new features in this v3 of the TomTom One GB is MapShare. This allows you to make and receive map updates for free, great when you discover that a road you’ve been directed down turns out to be one way (a situation I’ve found myself in many times with other GPS units).

This GPS unit is handily sized, intuitive and easy to use as well as having loud, clear directions (which you can alter for other voices and even the Simpsons if you download it). It also works straight ‘out the box’ which is great for those who don’t like to waste time by reading the instructions (ahem) or for those techno-phobes who get this GPS as a gift.

One of Tom Tom One GB’s more annoying quirks is that it zooms in at junctions and will not necessarily return to your zoom setting once you move on.

Prices on Amazon and eBay (Search)

range from £100 to around £127. If you are on a budget and do not want to fork out the £200 – £300 for a top-end sat nav GPS then the TomTom ONE Great Britain

ir?t=myass 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B000TXHDM6 is one of the best and well priced satellite navigation units out there.

Check out this YouTube vidoe of some extra things you can do with MapShare…

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