Radio Controlled Picoo Z versusFlyTech Dragonfly

It’s tricky when you want to electronic toys that lasts, batteries are always a problem I find…barring that very slight obstacle two of the more entertaining toys out there are the Picoo Z radio controlled helicopter and the FlyTech Dragonfly, both of which are remote control helicopters and look set to become hot sellers this year.

The Picoo Z remote control helicopter is a lightweight yet durable helicopter controlled by an infra-red transmitter which means that it’s best to use indoors (even though the manufacturer specifies that it can be used out doors in ‘calm’ conditions). Handling the helicopter can be tricky to master but that’s half the fun.

Once you master the beast and adjust the weights with the aluminium weights supplied (or a drawing pin handily enough) you’ll be whizzing all over place. The Picoo Z is reasonably durable and picks up a decent speed when in motion so takes care not to go bumping into the best china plates….

The controller will have difficulty charging the Picoo Z to full effect if rechargeable batteries are used so it is best to use normal 1.5v AA batteries (of which you will need 6) . Fuel consumption means a 20 to 30 minute charge and you will end up with approximately 10 minutes of flight time which will literally, er, fly by…

This is one of those remote control toys which, even if in the strictest sense is aimed at kids, is also very attractive to children 14+ and adults of all ages. In fact, I would recommend that if you pick up one for your offspring, you may also want to pick up a model for yourself, just for educational purposes of course…You can pick them up on Amazon or try ebay

for some auction offers.

The Radio Control Picoo Z Helicopter

ir?t=myass 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B000FNUF8O‘s main competitor at the moment is the remote control Flytech DragonFly. Now according to all the buzz (pun intended) this is supposed to be one of the big must-have toys this year and after some review, the Flytech DragonFly does not appear to be living up to the hype. Although the DragonFly is just as much fun, it is a little more fragile (bearing in mind that DragonFly’s are not the most sturdy of creatures so I guess it’s being true to nature…) than the Picoo Z. Saying that however, it is still a great flying remote control wonder-machine-thingy. The FlyTech DragonFly an go for just a little less than the Picoo Z after a half hour charge, say about 15 – 20 minutes but with picking it up of the floor and out of trouble as you get used to the controls you should get a half hours worth of fun for each charge.

The DragonFly works best in ‘Expert’ mode which is a bit of a contradiction for beginners but Expert mode allows for easier turning of the DragonFly without going into a spin.

In beginner mode it also seems to work better with its ribbon tail attached as this increases the stability of the flying bug and gives greater manoeuvrability.

All in all both the Radio Control Picoo Z and the remote control FlyTech Dragonfly

ir?t=myass 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B000NI60PS are great fun for kids and adults as long as you have the patience to master the controls and don’t go off in a huff at the first tailspin crash…..also best to stay indoors until there’s a perfect still day……Funny enough, for all the hype, there’s not much going on for the DragonFly over at ebay

which could mean that there’s some hot bargains to be had and if you’re quick you can nab it before the regular eBay hawks find out that it’s a hot product and start jacking up the price….

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