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Virtual Reality in a Poker World

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When thinking about virtual reality’s place in the world of online gaming, it’s natural for your mind to jump to first-person shooter and multiplayer games. However, there are numerous reasons why this exciting, relatively new technology is dipping its feet into the world of online poker and succeeding. For those who fancy a taste of the World Series of Poker

from the comfort of their living room, today we look at virtual reality’s place in the poker world, and explain why they’re such a dream combination…

Industry focus is already on casino VR

If research from tech experts Juniper Research is to be believed, the virtual reality gambling industry is set to grow by 800 percent by 2021 from just over $58.5 million in 2016, to around $520 million. For growth of this nature to occur, it’s clear that the companies are focusing their efforts on the online casino space, and improving the experience for one and all. At present, VR technology is still relatively costly, which limits take-up, however Juniper also predict that sales of VR headsets, 360 degree cameras and all other VR accessories will grow to $50 billion by 2021. You heard it here first – VR online poker is the next big thing!

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People LOVE poker!

How many people do you think play regular online poker? 5 million? 10? Not even close! Experts believe that between 40-60 million people around the world play poker online on a regular basis. This is a huge industry, which means VR developers would be foolish to ignore it. It also means that the demand needs to be catered to and cashed in on. Not everyone can get to Las Vegas at the drop of a hat, but with advances in technology, it could soon feel like it. With great demand comes fast development – the VR poker experience is only going to go from strength to strength.


Have you tried out playing VR online poker? If so, chances are that you will have been relatively impressed at the technology that’s already out there. Online poker is far simpler than multiplayer or FPS games, and players like that simplicity! When something has a decent base, the only way it can move is forward. It’s possible that in years to come games like Casino VR will be attributed with opening the floodgates for VR online poker – one of VRs most popular genres!

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