Upcoming Gadgets That We Just Can’t Wait For

man looking at apple watch

There are countless gadgets on the market already, with multitudes more being created every day. In considering carefully consumer requirements and embracing innovation, however, these gadgets are the upcoming releases that we are most excited about.

Apple Watch 3

We can expect the third instalment of the Apple Watch series late 2017 or early 2018. Apple is the current leader of the smartwatch market, with sales figures of 25 million units for its last two smartwatch models. It is predicted that the Apple Watch 3 will have an even greater focus on health than its predecessors, incorporating a sleep-tracking app (as Apple has acquired Beddit) and a glucose monitor designed to aid people with diabetes. Since Apple has patented a smart-fabric strap, there is a chance that the glucose monitor could be contained there; other options for this smart band include one that contains a camera or battery. BRG states that: “There is most likely not a single consumer fitness product in the world that has had more internal testing, validation and investment than the Apple Watch, and this doesn’t seem to be slowing”.

We can also expect to be able to run more games on the interface than we are able to currently. Cosmos Rings (developed by Square Enix, creators of Final Fantasy) has the accolade of being the first RPG game exclusive to the Apple Watch. Even slot games are playable on the Apple Watch, and we will hopefully see a wider range available on the Apple Watch 3; for example, bet365 slots are available as an app for other Apple products and according to Oddschecker offer “progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots and video slots”, so we may see it becoming available on the Apple Watch 3 in the future. There is also a chance that the watch will have a Micro-LED display, creating greater screen brightness and power-efficiency.


The Flow device, by Plume, signals how much pollution is in the air, using 12 coloured LEDs on the interface to communicate the information, as well as connecting to an app on your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy. Particularly useful for those living in cities, Flow identifies: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2.5), ozone and NOx, along with temperature and humidity. The device is portable as it can be attached to a bag via its small leather strap. Pre-orders are open but the date of release has not yet been specified by Plume Labs.

Xbox One X

Also known as Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X’s developers claim it to be “The world’s most powerful console”. Indeed, with 4K resolution, 12GB GDDRS of graphic memory, 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth and 8-core AMD CPU at 2.3 GHz that provides smooth gameplay due to faster processing, the Xbox One X certainly looks to take the leading role, sending the Xbox One to the wings. The expected release date is November 7th, 2017.

Samsung Foldable Phone

While Samsung has released curved screen phones – Galaxy Note Edge (2014) and Galaxy S6 Edge (2015) – a foldable smartphone may be on the horizon. Samsung filed a patent at the beginning of 2017

for “Project Valley”, so called as a result of hinges on the back and sides that facilitate the folding mechanism. There are contentions as to whether there will also be an interface on the back once it is folded, in the style of that featured in the Samsung 2013 concept video.


If you have seen Big Hero 6 (2014), you probably wished that you could have your very own Baymax… introducing Kuri, a house robot under 2ft tall that nevertheless bears a wonderful resemblance to Disney’s lovable health-care robot, with emotive eyes and rounded design. Kuri is the first product from Mayfield Robotics, owned by Bosch. The robot responds to voice commands with its own noises; after time, you will be able to distinguish the meanings behind the different beeping sounds, such as the “BeBeep” that welcomes you home. Kuri’s 1080p camera not only takes five-second videos based on facial recognition, but also allows you to check up on your home while you are out, using the corresponding app. Kuri’s speakers mean you can listen to music and podcasts, or even be read bedtime stories. Popsugar concludes Kuri to be “as adorable as you can imagine”.

From smart watches to adorable house robots, these tech products are holding us in anticipation for their release onto the market – and we will be there to enjoy them as soon as they are.

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