Unbelievable History of iPhone 

iPhone has become the talk of every town. The brand has managed to establish itself and grow to become one of the most expensive and popular brands in the world. 


The co-founder and CEO of the well-known company Apple Steve Jobs was the first one to come up with the idea of them manufacturing mobile phones and machines à sous casinojoka app on them.

Together with his team, they developed the first iPhone. 

First released in 2007 together with other products under project purple. The idea was to enhance the computer but the idea then developed. 

Since then the company has released other iPhones with improved functionality.

The first iPhone 

Released on 29 June in 2007. The phone has a storage of 16GB. Since it was the first one it did not have an app store. However, the phone has internet access and also had a camera.

The iPhone 3G

Released the following year that is 2008 the phone was better than the original. An application tote, as well as its internet connectivity, are some other things. 

iPhone 3GS

June seemed to be the month of iPhones seeing that in June 2009 the apple company also released another mobile phone. A 32 GB memory, the phone has other features added compared to the previous one.

As technology is growing the company continues to enhance the iPhone brand up to the latest brand currently in 2021 the iPhone 12 edition. Did you know even on the phones that has 3Gs you can browse for online casinos for real money and stand chance to win big.

anh nhat pzg2ZX8b03E unsplash

Iphone 12 mini,12,12 pro

The phone might seem small but its functions will amaze you. Talk of the best photography and storage.

Moving on to the iPhone 12, decorated with a 6.1-inch screen the phone has the same camera specs as the 12 mini.

The iPhone 12 pro is the best way to go if you are looking for a phone with the greatest camera ever. The mobile phone has some of the features that the previous iPhone has. 

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