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Toshiba High-Definition 1080p Camileo Camcorders



HD Camcorders? Gotta have it and the Toshiba High-Definition 1080p Camileo Camcorders is supposedly great for the camcording noob and budding YouTube publisher. What makes it great? Push button point and shoot controls so there’s no confusion as to whether its on or not.

While not as dainty as our mini-hd camcorders of choice, the Kodak Zi6 HD pocket video camera

or the flip minohd

, the Toshiba High-Definition 1080p Camileo Camcorder is small enough to find into a large pocket or a small bag. 1080p playback is great to look at and with YouTube now offering HD videos, it looks like a good move from Toshiba (at last).

Available in three models, the H20 Camileo comes with a 3-inch LCD screen, 5x optical zoom, 128MB of internal storage and an SD card slot. The P30 Camileo gets all the above but with a 2.5inch display and Toshiba declined to reveal any real details about the S10 suggesting that it may be very basic indeed (we speculate but you left us no choice Toshiba, grrr).

The 1080p Camileo P30 Camcorder will be available next month for €199 ($263) (£149) alongside the Toshiba S10 which can be snagged for €149 ($197) around the same time. The H20 is on sale now for €249 ($329) (£179).

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