Top 5 Ways WeatherBug Prepares You For Your Day

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Your big day has come, and it is usually an exciting and important event. Some people may have a morning ritual that they follow with friends or family, while others simply enjoy the fun. Whether you are a dedicated person, or a casual observer, almost nothing can ruin your day like bad weather. Luckily, WeatherBug offers a comprehensive game day forecast, which will help you prepare for almost anything.

1. Location Specific Forecasts: Like most best weather apps, WeatherBug can use the exact location of your travels to predict the days forecast. This means that you’ll be getting a more precise forecast, which is especially helpful in big cities that see a variety of weather at the same time.

2. Hourly Breakdowns: In addition to daily estimates, Weather Bug offers hourly breakdowns of the days forecast. This gives you a better idea of the weather at any time during that day.


3. Pollen Count: A lot of us suffer from allergies, or have a friend who suffers from allergies. Having someone run around in search of a tissue or sneezing on a hot dog can quickly ruin the fun, which is why WeatherBug, like many high tech weather apps, offers a pollen count estimate to help allergy sufferers get some extra prep for the day.

4. Extended Forecasts: WeatherBug’s extended forecast offers an idea of the weather for the day—even if your big day is several days away. This can help you decide between what to wear and how to prepare.

5. Feels Like Function: WeatherBug’s app also includes a “feels like” This is especially helpful for outdoor meeting and events. Seventy-five degrees can feel very different depending on the wind, humidity and precipitation levels. The WeatherBug allows you to supplement your big day forecast by giving you an idea of exactly what it’s going to feel like when you get outside.

Don’t let bad weather ruin your next event, meeting or anything in-between. A quick look at the forecast will help you be ready for anything that Mother Nature is planning to throw your way. Be sure to down load both the free Android weather app and the free IOS version as well.

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