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The Tokyoflash Heko continues Tokyoflash

‘s determination to make watches that you cannot actually read, but you still buy anyway because they’re so freaking cool. The Tokyoflash Heko’s watch face looks like another link in the wrist links with 9 LED lights running across it.

Each light represents a period of time, minutes and hours. Depending on which lights are currently lit, you can tell what time it is (that’s the theory anyway). In practice, people who buy the Tokyoflash Heko are probably less interested in keeping their tardiness under control than in looking like a Japanese fly-boy or girl.

At $109 it’s not a cheap fashion accessory and believe us, you will not be able to tell the time with this so lets just call it wrist-candy. The Tokyoflash Heko is available now from their website.





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