Tokyoflash Denshoku » Anyone For Toast?




, known for their wacky but cool watches (which have about as much to do with telling the time as a Flavour lave pendant – You can use it to tell the time but that’s not the point) have come out with yet another weird and wonderful design, the Tokyoflash Kisai Denshoku.

If you have seen the Jackpot Watch

or the Tokyoflash Fire watch

then you know what to expect by now. The Kisai Denshoku follows the trend of being barely readable by strongly resembling a portable radiator (or the underside of a grill).

Made from aluminium, the Kisai Denshoku wearer presses a button and a selection of the 12 light bars that make up the face of the watch light up 3 times, once for hours, then for groups of 10 minutes and finally for single minutes (so 9:18am will read 9 bars in the first flash, 1 bar for the second then 8 bars the third time it lights up).

Supposedly modelled on the Tokyo Shinjuku skyline, it just makes us want to huddle close and perhaps toast some bread on it. The Tokyoflash Kisai Denshoku Available now from the TokyoFlash





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