The Latest Gadgets Taking The Wedding Industry By Storm

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One thing is for certain, people place a lot of emphasis on their wedding day, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. The humble wedding is however evolving, what was once typically a religious based affair is steadily morphing into a gadget filled day of fun. Here’s the latest gadget based trends taking the wedding industry by storm starting off with wedding invitations.

The Open Air Photo Booth

We all know what a photo booth is, nothing new here, but do you know what an open air photo booth is? Think of it less like a ‘booth’ and more like a mini photo studio. Guests stand in front of a backdrop and capture their photos using a small touch screen operated unit complete with studio lighting and instant printing. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about have a look at these open air photo booths by Booth Boy in Newcastle.

The Robot Bartender

Are you a bit of a cocktail fiend? Cocktails are delicious, so who isn’t really! One trend that is fast becoming popular at weddings is the robot bartender. Programmed with an array of cocktails on the menu guests can be entertained and order their favourite cocktail at the same time! The typical practise  when utilising a robot bar tender is to have this set up as a satellite bar serving cocktails whilst all the staples such as beer and wine are served at the regular, human run bar. it surely is a glimpse into the future! Check out this tasty little number by Makr Shakr to see a robot bartender in action, impressive!

3D Printing

3D printing took the world by storm a while back and it’s usefulness is penetrating a lot of industries, weddings are no exception. With new technology offering 3d printing using metals such as silver, gold and platinum couples are turning to it to have personalised wedding accessories made. Think cufflinks, rings and jewellery. We’ve even heard of brides getting custom wedding shoes 3D printed. How awesome and unique is that!

The Gift Of Giving

Choosing a suitable wedding gift is a really tough job, heck, I struggle to choose a present for my wife, let alone people I don’t know as well! Giving cash has always been a bit of a faux par, so where does that leave you, a confused guest, that’s where it leaves you. But the times are changing and tech such as Tendr have made giving cash as a wedding present an elegant and classy process. Lets face it, the newlyweds would rather have a fat wad of cash and you would rather take the confusion out of selecting a wedding gift. Problem solved. Thanks technology.

These are just a few of the new gadget based trends taking the wedding industry by storm. It certainly is exciting times and the humble wedding is about to get even more exciting!

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