The Intriguing Benefits of Smoking

Who said that smoking should be treated as a bad thing?

Well, I know that this could be in contradiction with the many warnings you have received from the department of health, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and of course, every other medical institution on earth.

However, there’s a tendency that if smokers avoid many of the various side effects of the habit, they can gain benefits and have protection from a bunch of afflictions and infections for reasons that even science has never explained.

Did you know that smoking prevented over 140 deaths in Australia between 2004 and 2005? Factually, smoking saves one life out of every 100 deaths it causes. Funny, right? But it is the truth.

Even though prolonged smoking has been considered an issue, there’s a silver lining attached here.

Here’s a gulp of the four great benefits of smoking significantly associated with innovative tobacco-free options.

These various ideas and benefits are phenomenal because it shows that we are still discovering more about ourselves and the products we use regularly. That shows that further research is always helpful in improving the quality of our lives.

It also makes me think about how we should always seek to learn more about the world and never stop learning, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Reduced possibilities of knee-replacement surgeries

There’s nothing as terrifying as going through a surgical process – whether successfully or otherwise. The good news is that even though the average smoker may lack the cash to obtain a bundle of traditional packs, he has the window to make a life-saving decision. The smoker will save by avoiding the formidable and resource-draining knee replacement surgical procedures than their counterparts who’ve never had the puff.

The fact that smokers face a lower likelihood of being morbidly obese and rarely engage in jogging activities reveals why they are less likely to undergo knee replacement operations. There’s a tendency that nicotine in cigarettes minimizes the risks of joint deterioration and cartilages.

That means you can travel or move around and know that you may have lower risk for surgeries due to overuse.

We don’t know if it does anything for hair at the moment.

Reduced risk of obesity

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Did you know that the nicotine in a cigarette can be a great appetite killer? People in the pre-Columbian era used tobacco to show women that a puff a day would keep the weight a bay. Today, tobacco-free alternatives present bundles of goodies to the millions of smokers out there. Although there’s a complicated relationship between tobacco smoking and weight control, studies have shown that people start experiencing massive weight gains after quitting.

Studies have related the body weight issues depicted by smokers to the link between nicotine and metabolism. For instance, there’s scientific evidence that smoking initiates weight control by lowering the smoker’s caloric absorption (decreased appetite) and metabolic efficiency while increasing the metabolic rate. This explains why smokers are less likely to be obese.

Lowered Death Risks After a Cardiac Attack

Smokers, particularly those who go for tobacco-free options like the Chinese herbal cigarette, present with lower mortality rates than nonsmokers when faced with heart attacks. In essence, a nonsmoker is most likely to suffer from heart attacks at an early age than a smoker. A review of the “smoker paradox” can give a clear explanation of why a perennial smoker will recover from a cardiac stroke with ease.

You may not get such information elsewhere.

No medic in their right senses will recommend smoking, even the tobacco-free options to ensure that his patients get the most out of the puff.

Nonetheless, this information acts as food for thought on whether cigarettes should be considered for their therapeutic significance.

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