The Difference In Online and Live Poker Games

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Not long ago, the world of internet casino was quite a bit different from the real life. Especially when it comes to poker! There would world-renowned poker players who would lose mercilessly in an online game. Online players who did well would suddenly flounder during a live game. There are certainly different nuances when you play online than when you do online. Here are just a few of those differences:

A Skillful Poker Face

One reason why good poker players are good is because they know how to hide their thoughts in a game. Hence why it’s called a “poker face”. With online poker, you can be as emotional and expressive as you wish since your competitors cannot see you. So, if you get a great hand, go ahead and smile big.

Watch Your Betting

What many online poker players do is not bluff nearly enough. When they get that awesome hand, they are ready to increase the betting and make the pot bigger. Slow down, you do not want to give away that you have that good of a hand. Increasing the bet is fine, just don’t go all in just yet.

Prepare for Longer Sessions

When you decide to do some of the online tournaments, you must prepare for a longer session than you would if you were to do a live tournament. The biggest reason for this is that an online tournament can hold a lot more participants and you must go through more of them than you would in a live tournament. If you have work commitments the next day, reconsider the tournament or find one when you can squeeze in rest the next day.


Maximize Your Bet

When playing a low-rate online tournament, it’s wise to bet as high as you can and let your opponents call your bet. At the lower end of the spectrum, they are more likely to assume that someone is bluffing when betting high. Of course, you are only going to bet high when your hand has a good chance of winning, this means a bigger win for you and a shorter hand to maximize your time. But, be careful! Once your table figures out your plan, they will start dropping like flies.

Change your Table as Often as You Can

If you are maximizing your bet, don’t stay at the table long if you can help it (great for non-tournament games). You don’t want anyone picking up on your strategies and keeps anyone from noticing.

The Balanced Play

When you are playing against less skilled, lower level players in low-end tournaments, you do not need to worry about playing in a balanced way. When you move up to stronger opponents, then it will become necessary. Lower level players don’t pay attention to your betting style or to any routines that you develop. Higher level players do pay attention to those nuances, that’s why they are a higher-level player. You will want to mimic them a little bit more and take care to bluff a bit more so that you can beat them.

There are some differences between both worlds and it wouldn’t hurt to dabble with live poker games while perfecting your online game. Both aspects can teach you a lot about playing and winning. Don’t be afraid to play around with different strategies that you learn from both!

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