Choosing a Fridge for First-Time Bar Owners

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Opening a bar can be a very exciting prospect for those who have never done so before. Not only can it be a fun and active environment to work in, but it can also provide a steady income to any upcoming entrepreneur.

However, to achieve this, it is necessary for a successful bar to be fit with a fully functional fridge. Whether it is for wine or beer, a new bar owner must be able to distinguish what appliance will best fit their business.

Below are a few tips to help any new bar owner to get started!

  1. What sort of fridge do you need?

Look around your bar and analyse what sort of fridge will fit your working environment. Commercial fridges come in a variety of sizes. But for a bar, two common purchases are mini bars (which can be stored under a bar table easily) and a back bar bottle cooler.

The latter is a fridge commonly used to store beer. It has a glass front that makes it viewable to customers, which is useful in aiding them to make a purchase.

Be sure to pick a fridge that has a strong door and glass front. Without this, there is the potential hazard of your bottles being stored incorrectly.

  1. How big is your bar?

To keep a bar fridge well-ventilated and accessible, it is important to judge how big you require your fridge to be. Consider how much capacity your purchased fridge will need to hold liquor, wine or beer without causing damage to the products.

Instead of buying one large fridge, it may be more practical to invest in a number of smaller fridges that can be easily organised and stored away beneath a bar table. This will make it easier to move around your bar, as well as avoid any accidents that staff may suffer by tripping over machinery.

  1. How cold is your fridge?


No one enjoys a warm beer or glass of wine. For those who are coming to your bar, they are expecting the best treatment and service. If this is not provided, then it likely they will not return for another visit. The Daily Mail claims that any fridge should be set between zero and four degrees C

to keep food and drink cold and fresh.

However, for a bar it may be worth investing in one of the many ice machines available on the market to improve the quality of any drink. If an ice machine is too expensive, be sure to invest in a fridge with a digital thermometer or dual temperature system. This will make it easier for you to see if the machine is working effectively or needs to be fixed.

  1. Security

Nowadays anything can be fitted with either an electrical or classic security system. Bar life can get rowdy on a crowded night, so it is possible for your staff to be distracted. Theft can occur from this. Yes, patrons can sometimes be brazen enough to steal wine or beer from right under your employees’ noses!

While the more expensive fridges can house digital locks that require either a password or key card to open, you can also invest in less expensive options with a normal key lock. This will keep your produce safe and allow you to save money by preventing the threat of stolen produce.

  1. Aesthetics

Bars come in many shapes and sizes. From a modernistic backdrop of monochromatic colours, to a vibrantly coloured nightclub scene, to a classy lounge of velvet and mahogany tables, your fridge must be able to blend in with your environment.

Do not pick something that will not fit in with the theme of your bar. Indulge your creative side and choose a colour and style of fridge that will match its surroundings. For those who love to play with interior decorating, this will always be one of the best parts of choosing a fridge.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The bar fridge is one of the most important appliances in your bar. If it breaks down, that could spell disaster for your business!

Do not be tempted to buy an appliance that has been used before or is not a new product. While you can save money on used products, you cannot check their reliability effectively in comparison to other, newer fridge models.

When put into use, a pre-used fridge may be noisy. Not only that, but some of the older fridge models use plastic interiors instead of stainless steel. Without a strong fridge interior, the heat of your bar may infiltrate your fridge, leading to higher energy bills and the quality of your drinks becoming tarnished.

Your fridge is a really important investment when you are kitting out your bar with equipment. Do not be afraid to spend money on a higher quality appliance to ensure its quality.

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