TestFreaks – Reviewing The Reviewers

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review but having a look around the TestFreaks

site made it easy to write this one. TestFreaks is essentially a product review site but with a difference.

Not only do they review products (mainly electronics and gadgets), they also point you to reviews from a bunch of other review sites from around the web as well as user-videos, user-reviews and expert reviews. If you have a question about a particular product, you can even ask on their Q&A pages and be notified when an answer is available.

Gotta say, it’s pretty comprehensive when it comes to the amount of information they’ve collected on any particular product.

Browsing the site I can see categories ranging from televisions

to consoles, GPS

and pretty much anything that requires batteries. A site after GadgetHeat‘s own heart…..

Comparison websites are ten-a-penny these days and I would usually gloss over them. The thing that stands out with TestFreaks is that along with the price-comparison, the in-depth information they have means that you would be hard pressed to find any additional information about a product TestFreaks features anywhere else.

The only things that would take away from the site is that it looks like all the user reviews and videos come from other sources. It would be more refreshing for TestFreaks members to post their own reviews to add to this. I assume this is down to the fact that it is a relativity new site and it takes a while to get you guys to stop lurking and actually contribute something (yes, you reading this, I’m talking to your non-participating ass…




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