Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition



With the launch of Street Fighter IV just weeks away, loyal SF gamers all over the world are doing the thumb and finger exercises getting ready to take on all comers. To aid in this noble quest, the Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition has been announced, an old-school arcade style controller in this new era of a beat-em-up classic.

Available for a hefty $150 (weekend warriors stay away), the SF IV FightStick Tournament Edition will be unleashed on the pro-gaming community in February 2009, just in time for the official release date of Street Fighter IV, assuming it doesn’t get pushed back (again).

Some may say that the FightStick is too old-school but for an old-school game like Street Fighter, GadgetHeat thinks it fits the bill perfectly. It uses a Sanwa joystick and the same 30mm buttons used on official Street Fighter IV arcade machines. What makes the arcade experience even greater is that the FightStick even has turbo controls for each button allowing you to inflict havoc at an even faster pace.

$150 may be pricey for a pad and the Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex

may be cheaper but it looks like the Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition will provide a great gaming experience and is cheaper than a dedicated arcade cabinet

in your home. The Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition is available from Amazon




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  6. Update: The price of this is noy $375 from online retailers. Should have jumped on board when it was at $150 🙂

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